For starters

We enjoy doing things differently, passionately, with flair, with bossa.

Creativity is paramount

Games are media. Good media is creative, innovative. Once the story for a new game is defined, it must be taken to the highest possible artistic level, including setting, gameplay, mechanics, interactions, visuals and audio. Nothing short of the best we can do.

We must have fun & live happily

Bored people create boring games. Burnt teams create half-baked games. Our studio has the best, most creative, free ‘working’ environment in the industry. It’s about what we create and how fast, while having tons of fun. No fun, no doing.

Everywhere that matters

Be it social networks, mobile, handhelds or even consoles. It’s about the game and the market opportunity. Our games will be where we believe our players love to play them.

We want a better world, for all

Our games will not do any evil of any kind to its players. Monetisation must be transparent and fair. Virality must be worth the spread for the writer and the reader. We don’t annoy anyone.


Everything we do, all the time, must be charming. Cool. Edgy. We are wicked.

Location Location

Bossa Studios HQ is proudly based in London’s new hub of creativity, technology and talents, the area Wired magazine once called London’s Silicon Roundabout.