21 Mar 2018
author: Ryan Hill

Today’s post addresses an important change to Worlds Adrift going forward: in-game monetisation. It’s been an important topic within the industry of late, and one we’re keen to get right, hence today’s announcement…

MMOs are always faced with ongoing server costs, and it is for this reason, that many of them incorporate some form of in-game monetisation. However, as a Community-Crafted MMO, we want to ensure that you, the players, are at the forefront of every decision we make. This being the case, we’ve decided to do away with what we feel could be perceived as a layer of abstraction, in favour of absolute transparency: Sky Atlas coins will no longer feature in Worlds Adrift. Instead, we have decided to only ever list transactional items using real world currency.

To be clear, currency – in any form – does not serve a mandatory function in Worlds Adrift; it will only come into effect if and when a player chooses to purchase cosmetic-only items, be it a shiny new helm or that snazzy pair of pantaloons you just gotta-have. However, in order to assign a palpable value to these items, they will now be listed in real-world currency, instead of the previously proposed Sky Atlas coins (while also fully integrating with your Steam wallet). Please note though, that in the lead up to Early Access, our primary focus remains on fully optimising the gameplay elements of Worlds Adrift, and so the in-game shop will not be introduced until several months after release.

We are also aware that 500 Sky Atlas coins (equivalent to $4.99/£3.99/€4.99) were promised to pre-Early Access players (the Founders) as a thank you for your ongoing belief and support. This has not been forgotten. And so, to celebrate this change, we have decided to instead deliver twice that amount in cold hard, hand-rubbing-worthy loot, straight to your inventories (once the shop launches).

Again, none of the above will come into effect for at least a few months, and so in the meantime, why not join us for our community Ship Parade later today, and our ‘Melt the Server’ event this Thursday. More info on both here!