UI Artist - Unity (4 Month Contract)


*Note - Please be aware the Bossian's will be enjoying a two week Christmas shut down from 18th December. We'll endeavour to respond to all applications w/c 4th Jan. Thank you and have a great festive break.*

Welcome to Bossa Studios! An immensely talented, daring, multicultural team of individuals (or as we like to call ourselves - Bossians!).

Chances are, you know us as that quirky, London-based studio behind several critically acclaimed, YouTube-renowned hits, many of which have become an integral part of gaming meme culture (Shhh… I doctor now!). These include Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and the BAFTA-winning Monstermind.

While most games studios are mainly driven by their bottom-line, Bossa is leading a movement of creativity-first. We create together. We laugh together. We innovate together. As we believe that’s the only way to build legacy, and the only way we can revolutionise the way in which games are experienced. Games that are truly fun and relevant to people’s lives.

The Role

We’re looking for a talented UI artist to work on “I Am Fish”

Working closely with the Art Lead & team you’ll help shape the vision of the UI, and bring the concepts & ideas to life, through the creation of high quality UI assets, implementing them in Unity using the canvas system and animator.

I Am Fish

I Am Fish is a larger than life adventure. You're a small fish making your way through a huge, towering, human world to go back home to the ocean.

The prototype version of the game has gained more than 17 million views on Youtube from top influencers such as PewDiePie, DanTDM and Markiplier, as well as over 81,000 hours watched on Twitch.

Click to watch the I Am Fish Prototype trailer


  • Graphic design of highly usable User Interface components, focusing on ease of user experience.
  • Working with the design and development team to outline and iterate upon functional and graphical requirements of the UI.
  • Work with the art lead to set the style and tone of the user interface.
  • Create beautiful user interfaces that build upon the project’s visual style.
  • Collaborate with engineers to build your vision in Unity.
  • Maintain and elevate an organized workflow from photoshop to engine.
  • Translate design documents into great wireframes with excellent UI flow
  • Articulate UI vision with animated mock-ups pre-visualizing interaction and visual effects
  • Create amazing user-interface elements from initial sketch to polished game ready assets
  • Design user-interfaces that high-perform across multiple platforms and devices
  • Animate UI elements in Unity for great experience.


  • Deep understanding of level design, game design, balancing and difficulty curves
  • Experience with physics and sandbox/systemic gameplay
  • Strong narrative inclinations, you know how to tell a story through gameplay
  • Good general design instincts
  • A good general understanding of design mechanics and systems
  • Awareness of past, current and future level design trends
  • Experience with multiplayer games
  • Proven design track record on released PC &/or Console titles
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • A natural problem solver
  • A fascination for finding new and better approaches to problems
  • An open and inclusive approach to design
  • You understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and you respect those around you
  • A drive to learn, improve and share
  • The ability to adapt to fluid situations, you know when to stick to the plan and when to put it to one side
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