Gameplay Programmer (Contract)


As part of the programming team, and under the guidance of the lead developer, you will help develop the gameplay and functionality of our new exciting project, contributing to and supporting the efforts of the design and art teams and stakeholders. You have experience in procedural mesh generation and working with mesh manipulation in real-time. You have developed on multiple platforms and are familiar with the production environment. You are open, responsive, professionally minded and able to consider multiple points of view and methodologies in the search for solutions. You know Unity well and have excellent C# programming skills. We expect this contract to last 6-8 months with the possibility of extension.

Key responsibilities:

  • Coding in C# in Unity game engine.
  • Contributing to Design of code architecture
  • Development of tools to support development where necessary
  • Diagnosing and fixing software defects
  • Optimisation of software components
  • Refactoring of existing software as required
  • Ensuring quality of the code you write, in terms of performance, flexibility, readability and maintainability
  • Contributing to Bossa through other activities and opportunities beyond the project itself


  • You are able to weigh up different perspectives in solving complex problems involving multiple factors
  • You are an open and confident communicator
  • You have good ideas about best practices, but are also able to adapt and change those practices to refine them or adapt to new circumstances.
  • You have a service oriented mindset - you get a kick out of contributions that help push the project forward
  • You understand and enjoy the process of video game development
  • You are able to handle the pressures of a production environment
  • You have a good understanding of mathematics relating to vectors
  • You enjoy working in a cross disciplinary team

Required Experience:

  • Experience working with mesh generation and mesh manipulation in real-time.
  • Game programming and development in a production environment
  • Excellent working knowledge of Unity 3D and C#
  • Development and tuning of physical based gameplay
  • Unity HDRP experience.
  • Experience with Unity’s Burst / Jobs packages.
  • Skilled with maths, shader programming and optimisation.

Advantageous Experience:

  • Use of Git in combination with Unity in a production
  • Cross platform development

About Bossa

Welcome to Bossa! We’re an immensely talented, daring, multicultural team of individuals (or as we like to call ourselves - Bossians!), who create extraordinary games that millions of people love, play and share every day.

Chances are, you know us as that quirky, BAFTA-winning studio behind several critically acclaimed hits, many of which have become an integral part of gaming culture (Shhh... I doctor now!). These include Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread, Hogwash, Monstermind, and the most recently launched I Am Fish.

At the heart of Bossa’s unique way of working - whether that’s ideation, development or even marketing - is a genuine passion for connecting through humour, amongst our teams, with our players, and with all the influencers and creators around the world who regularly play Bossa games to their audiences.

We create together. We laugh together. We innovate together. We believe that’s the only way to build legacy and games that are truly fun and relevant to people’s lives.

If that sounds ideal to you, this might be the perfect role for you!


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