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Lost Skies

Lost Skies

Bossa’s upcoming game, Lost Skies, is a cooperative survival adventure for 1–6 players set amongst the clouds, in a vast sky of floating islands.

Embark on an adventure through the remnants of ancient civilisations. Uncover the mystery of their downfall and employ their advanced technology to aid your journey. Navigate a shattered world ravaged by storms, and battle the colossal beings, still roaming the skies, that brought about humanity’s destruction.

Lost Skies is currently in development, published by Humble Games.

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More about Bossa

Originally founded in 2010 in London as Bossa Studios, Bossa Games is a BAFTA-winning game developer and publisher.

Rebranded as Bossa Games and now fully remote, our studio is now focused on building groundbreaking “us against the world” multiplayer co-op experiences that can also be enjoyed solo - just like Lost Skies.