9 Jul 2018
author: Ryan Hill

The Surgeon Simulator social channels suddenly sprung back to life last week, as we shared a short 18 second video hinting at some Bone-Shattering News… coming soon. Accompanied by the caption, ‘Let us know when it… clicks’, nothing else is known at this moment, swiftly prompting speculation across the globe. What possibly could it all mean?



In completely separate and in no way whatsoever connected news (heh, heh!), we’re currently on the lookout for ‘would-be Surgeons’ to come and give us a ‘second opinion’ on a few new ideas we’ve been prodding and probing. So if you’d like to donate your bod… ahem, I mean help us out , please email [email protected] and we’ll be in touch shortly.


surgeon simulator playtest at bossa studios