A Whooole New Wooorld!
29 Mar 2018
author: Ryan Hill

Worlds Adrift is a Community-Crafted MMO, but what exactly does that mean? Yes, ‘crafting’ plays a key element in the game, whether that’s building a better ship, forging a new alliance, or plotting out your next adventure, but it actually goes a lot deeper than that. In fact, look out to the horizon, and  each and every island that scatters the skyline was crafted by a player, such as yourself, using our free Island Creator tool… and we just dropped another 300 of your amazing creations into game, with the recent release of 0.1.9.

Today, we’d like to take the opportunity to celebrate that achievement. Correction: your achievement.

You see, it wasn’t long into Worlds Adrift’s development when we decided against a procedurally generated environment, despite the fact that then, it was the up and coming thing (good call, right?). We knew that our community would craft a much more engaging and dynamic world. And two years later – and over a 1000 islands in – it turns out we were absolutely bang-on.

So, more about those 300 new islands…

Last week, Worlds Adrift updated to 0.1.9, which not only brought with it all-new traps, an improved ship dome, enhanced atmospherics, and the usual smorgasbord of bug fixes and tweaks, but also…


And yes, you were totally meant to sing that in your head (if not out loud from the rooftops). Needless to say, we were literally blown away by the scope of your imaginations, and quality of your designs. We’re talking crumbling ruins, teeming jungles, monolithic cathedrals, long abandoned megacomplexes… In fact, we were so impressed that not only have we started a new Instagram page showcasing your designs (link here), but also put together the short video below to officially applaud your efforts!

But we’re Bossa, right? Which means we’re always looking above and beyond, so we’re already setting our sights on the next humongous world update. But we won’t do it without your help (Community-Crafted, remember?). So why not download our free island creator tool today, and discover what your world would look like! The sky’s literally the limit, right? *cringe*

See you in the skies!