I am Bread Gets Toasty on PS4 Today
25 Aug 2015
author: Adam Jenkins

We’ve given you announcement raps…

We’ve given you dramatic readings of YouTube comments…

But finally, the wait is over… I am Bread has arrived today on PS4! PlayStation Plus subscribers can pick it up with 10% sliced off for a limited time!

Your goal remains the same as always, our floury friend is on a epic quest to become toast.

As well as the great gameplay in the story mode, there’s plenty in here to sink your teeth into: Bagel Races, Zero-G mode, Cheese Hunt, Rampage and Free Roam (for those of you that want to explore the humble abode of Mr. Murton without the fear of your edibility metre reaching zero).

So, what are you waiting for? Live out your dreams of being a slice of bread who’s mission in life is to become toast on PlayStation 4, today!


I am BreadI am Bread