I am Bread Gets a TF2 Update
13 Aug 2015
author: Colm Ahern

After so many of you enjoyed the Team Fortress 2/Surgeon Simulator crossover, we decided to allow Bread to have some fun in a level based on Valve’s free-to-play gem.


Take the heroic slice of bread on a journey through the dynamic world of Team Fortress 2. Climb Heavy’s face, use tumour creating teleporters, fire off the minigun and traverse a floor filled with sticky mines, all in the name to become sandvich.


From today, 13th August, you can download this update for the low-low price of FREE. Yes, this TF2 update costs you absolutely nothing. We love you that much!


For those that haven’t decided to jump into I am Bread before, now is the perfect time because it’s 50% OFF for the next week!


As always, thanks for all your support on Bread over the last number of months. Our little floury friend isn’t ready to go to that big Bread Bin in the sky just yet, though, as you’ll see yourself in the coming weeks…