Dev Diary 6 – I am Bread 23 Jan 2015 author: Poppy Byron
Lead Designer Luke Williams talks about the upcoming new garage level in I am Bread...
Dev Diary 5 – I am Bread 16 Jan 2015 author: Poppy Byron
Murillo (a.k.a 'Breadly Serious') is a programmer in the studio. He takes all the pretty things the artists make and all the fun stuff the designers create and glues it all together.
Dev Diary 4 – I am Bread 9 Jan 2015 author: Poppy Byron
Andy Green, our Technical Artist, talks about his role in making I am Bread...
Dev Diary 3 – I am Bread 22 Dec 2014 author: Poppy Byron
Iain Gillespie, 3D artist on I am Bread, tells us what he's been doing...
Dev Diary 2 – I am Bread 12 Dec 2014 author: Poppy Byron
How does bread sound when it’s riding a rocket?’ -- That’s one of the many questions I’m now proudly able to answer...
Surgeon Dinner 9 Dec 2014 author: Poppy Byron
We teamed up with Miss Cakehead and London Mess to create 'Surgeon Dinner' to celebrate the iPhone release of Surgeon Simulator.
Dev. diary 1- I AM BREAD 8 Dec 2014 author: Poppy Byron
Welcome to the first dev. diary for I am Bread
Best Game Studio of the Year plus – Surgeon on iPhones! 17 Nov 2014 author: Poppy Byron
It's been an exciting few weeks! We won 'Best Game Studios of the Year' at the Mobile Entertainment Awards, plus.....
Twelve a Dozen…..out now on iPad! 10 Sep 2014 author: Poppy Byron
We're really proud to announce that our puzzle-platformer, Twelve A Dozen, has been released on iPad today!
Surgeons everywhere, as far as the eye can see! 19 Aug 2014 author: Poppy Byron
This last couple of weeks has been so busy, I'm surprised we're all still here. But we are. And now - so is this!
The QA process…and unlikely twins. 1 Aug 2014 author: Poppy Byron
This week, we were working hard on the PlayStation 4 version of Surgeon Simulator
Thomas Was Alone – now available everywhere! 25 Jul 2014 author: Poppy Byron
This week we brought Thomas Was Alone to almost every device on the planet, AND Herb told everyone at the TIGA GameDev night about US!
Surgeon Simulator is coming to PlayStation 4! 17 Jun 2014 author: Poppy Byron
When we first heard that the new generation consoles were arriving, we were super-excited...
WEEKLY ROUND-UP – 14th OCTOBER 2013 16 Oct 2013 author: Poppy Byron
Surgeon Simulator 2013 Eurogamer takeover!
WEEKLY ROUND-UP – 16th AUGUST 2013 20 Aug 2013 author: Poppy Byron
PewDiePie visits Bossa…and we eat more cake